Company Description

Excelsior, Inc. started its business in April 1997 in Tokyo, Japan and has established itself in providing environmental services in Japan. We specialize in products for natural disasters, emergencies and outdoor living. We also contribute to dehalogenation processes to treat dioxins and PCBs contamination effectively.

Since the beginning, our mission has been to protect the environment, and we continue to work on projects that are in accordance with our mission. In December 1999, we conducted research on the dehalogenation technology to degrade hazardous substances like dioxins and PCBs with several other companies. This led to the establishment of the facility in Kawanabe town, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, so additional experiments and testing could be conducted to evaluate the results of our products. We shared the technology on dehalogenation with Tobishima Corporation in 2001 and Obayashi Corporation in 2002. These companies are both at the forefront in leading the Japanese construction and engineering industries to use this technology to reduce the burden on the environment. After successful experiments and testing, the operation of the facility officially began, in December 2002.

The Facility in Kawanabe town

In the past several years, we have invented sanitation powder and tablet products for both emergencies and outdoor living and had provided services to local governments, private companies and individuals, in times of natural disasters (earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods), by providing emergency kits. During these emergencies, when there was loss of power and plumbing, our kits helped with the safe removal of human waste. We also offer full customer support, maintenance and consulting for our customers.

Excelsior, Inc., strongly believes that by protecting our environment, we are investing in our future. Environmental issues are topics of concern in politics, education, and science, and we believe that businesses have a responsibility to unite in protecting the environment. We are at the forefront of using scientific research to create eco-friendly products that protect the environment and neutralize human waste. Our product eliminates odor and bacteria from human waste without the use of water. In Japan, we have had great success with the use of our product for emergencies. Due to our success and growth, we have expanded our business to offer sanitation powder not only in emergencies, but also in the area of pet care, home care, and outdoor living.

15,000 sets of Mt.Fuji Toilet(portable eco-toilet),the product of Excelsior, were distributed to mountain climbers in Mt. Fuji in 2014. 95% of them gave a comment that they didn't feel bad smell. Therefore, this toilet can be an effective option for the issue of excretion in Mt, Fuji.

The project in Mt. Fuji

We believe that the quality of life is directly related to preserving our environment. It is our goal to create products that are eco-friendly and simplify our lives.

Name Excelsior, Inc.
Establish April,15,1997
address 3-30-2, Wakabayashi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0023, Japan
Telephone +81-3-5431-7341
Facsimile +81-3-5431-7021