Our products can be used in emergency period, for example at the time infrastructure such as water and electricity do not work. In addition, Mt.Fuji Toilet can be also effectively used during long time driving and hiking or mount climbing. It deals with feces and vomits in sanitary manner.

Mt.Fuji Toilet(portable eco-toilet)

Tablets of "Mt.Fuji Toilet" (JPY 200)

This chemical tablet can be used where there is no proper type of latrines. You can assume the case when you drive for long distance and you are on a hike. You put one tablet on a plastic sheet, on which you can discharge. Tablet should be transformed to be like sawdust and swollen with liquid in excreta. that can cover, disinfect and deodorize the excreta.

The products can treat vomits as well. At the moment, the military force of Japan is interested in the products as they would be sent to Africa to support for Ebola epidemic. They think the products can be utilized for treating the excreta and vomits of Ebola patients.

"Mt.Fuji Toilet" 500 JPY/ 1 pack, 1,000 JPY/ 4 packs

It is attached with a trey which helps to make a simple toilet and a poncho which makes privacy. In japan this product is used and appreciated by Rescue teams who work in disaster hit areas and workers who work in rehabilitation of water, gas and electricity. And it is also distributed for hikers in Mt. Fuji.



  • Take out the paper box and put it on the ground.

  • Cover the box with the black plastic sheet, level the bottom, and place the tablets inside.

  • Put on the poncho and sit over. You may then dispose body waste in the box.

  • Please tie off the plastic bag and seal the waste. The tablets placed inside the bag will eliminate odors and harden waste.

For the care of aged people

In Japan, Many aged people are cared in there houses or hospitals after they lost the ability to walk and move by themselves. As they can't go to toilet alone, they need the way to excrete on bed. However, if they just use a pot or pan for excreta, it produces bad smell and disgust other family members in the house.

"Yoka let" 1,200 JPY / 7 packs for 1 week, 4,000 JPY / 30 packs for 1 month

The product can coagulate the excreta in a jelly form. This is mainly for urine. Usually, accumulated urine in a bucket should be disposed in a toilet. But, carrying the bucket is tiresome. Instead, this product can help people to dispose the urine as coagulated urine can be abolished with other trashes.

Chemical powder for "Yoka let" 798 JPY/ 30 sets for 1 month

This is deodorant chemical used for the above simple type of toilet. I has effect to remove bad smell of flush toilet. It can also be used for treating the excreta of pets (like dogs and cats)

Spray of "Yoka let" 1,000 JPY / 300ml, 600 JPY / 100ml

This spray has no smell. It resolve chemically the materials giving out bad smell such as used nappy, bed, sofa, and wheel chair got dirty of excreta.

Gel of "Yoka let" 10,000 JPY / 100 times

This is the product created with the cooperation of national disabled rehabilitation center. This can be used for heavily disabled to excrete on bed. The chemical has Powderly form and can be transformed to be gel with 500cc of water. This gel deodorize the excreta.