The project in Mount Fuji  You are free from the issue of excretionin emergency period.

Based on the agreement between Yamanashi prefecture and EFC(Excelsior?) , Yamanashi provides the portable eco-toilet “Ho! Toilet” to mountain climbers for free, from July 1 to 15, to keep clean environment of Mount Fuji.
The eco-toilet has a package includes a box (toilet pot) which can be assembled, chemical tablets for decomposing and deodorizing feces, tissue papers, a plastic bag to dispose the wastes, and poncho which covers body parts.
As the public toilets in Mount Fuji are very crowded especially during climbing season, Ho! Toilet is useful and ecological for any mountain climbers.

Background of the project

The issue of the toilet is getting severer as more mountain climbers visit Mont Fuji year by year. During busy season, we find long queue in front of public toilets along the mountain trail. Sometimes, climbers defecate out of a toilet which contaminates soils of the Mountain.
EFC got interests in solving this issue and contributing to keeping clean environment of the mountain using the product “Ho! Toilet” that is portable eco-toilet. After discussion, EFC reached an agreement with Yamanashi Prefecture and the distribution of the toilet for free.

The toilet is very easy to use, attached a box (toilet pot), chemical tablets, tissue papers, a plastic bag, and a poncho.

In the business model we developed, we collect eco-toilets whic

As we already mentioned, The issue on how to dispose excretes is troublesome in mountain cottage.
EFC developed a model in which we collect our product (the eco-toilets) which would be discarded when they are expired, if not used, from private companies and organizations which purchased a bulk of the products. Then, these collected products are provided for free in mountain cottages.
The private companies and organizations which corporate this activities can also appeal their contribution as part of their CSR activities.