Excelsior Sanitation Technology

As explained on the previous page, we have actualized the environmental remediation technology to detoxify Dioxin and PCB in our facility in 2002. Based on this technology, we invented an eco-friendly powder and tablet that can do the following:

In Japan, our products have been well received and known to be useful in the following situations:

Japan is one of the most vulnerable nations for earthquakes in the world. Each year about 1500 earthquakes are recorded in Japan. For that reason, many companies located in a large metropolitan area have purchased and stored our products to be better prepared in case of a natural disaster.

When Tohoku Earthquake occurred in March 2011, millions of people were without drinking water and electricity. The Japanese Defense Department and major energy companies were a part of the rescue/recovery operation, but resources were limited and the delivery of rescue materials were delayed. During this time, many survivors used our portable toilet kit, which helped prevent the spread of diseases.

The two ways of neutralizing human waste using our technology are in the powder form and the tablet form.

Powder Form

The powder used for our product is made of Calcium Oxide. As it hydrates, a heat reaction results and this chemical reaction can turn the human waste into a fine powdered substance. In the process of hydration reaction, when the heat reaches 200F°, it will kill the bacteria and harden the waste. When Calcium Oxide comes into contact with moisture, it becomes slaked lime. The human waste can be used as fertilizer for both agricultural and constructional purposes, after it is mixed with slake lime. In order to speed up the mixing process, a handheld mixer or bell mixer can be used, but is not necessary. In the mixing process, a heat reaction results and steam is generated with a small amount of ammonia. Our company has also made a cost effective bucket made of heatproof metal to mix the waste.

The powder after treatment
The Mixer(Our product for using Emergencies)
Mixing devices(You can use every Mixing devices)

Tablet Form

The tablet used by our product is made of mainly slaked lime and high polymer. As it hydrates, these two main chemicals can change the human waste to a jelly like substance. In this case, heat or steam is not generated by the reaction, so it can be disposed of in a plastic bag. Like the powder type, this substance can be used as a fertilizer for both agricultural and constructional purposes.

The Tablet Reagent
The Tablet Form after treatment

Reduction of fecal coliform and disease bacteria in human waste usually requires the use of chlorine and other disinfectant chemicals. However, using high levels of chlorine may threaten aquatic and soil organisms. We have conducted various laboratory experiments to verify the effectiveness of our products and achieved successful results in killing fecal coliform with both our powder and tablet.

In general, solid waste management is given a very low priority in most developing countries, except in capital and large cities. As a result, very limited funds are available to the solid waste management sector by the government jeopardizing public health and our environment. We believe that our company will reduce the waste management burdens in developing countries with the use of our technology and provide affordable, eco-friendly, and beneficial products.